FAQ – Quarry Run Dual Sport

Frequently Asked Questions

Quarry Run Dual Sport

Q. Is AMA membership required to ride your event?

  • Bear Creek Sportsmen is an AMA sanctioned riding club. If the event that we are running requires an AMA membership we need to abide by their rules. AMA memberships can be purchased on line from the AMA website www.americanmotorcyclist.com or we will be selling them at any event that requires AMA. While AMA membership might not be required at all of our events we strongly urge everyone to become a member of the AMA.

Q. Are there any rules I need to follow at your events?

  • While at any of our events, please be respectful or the land and other people and their property. Helmets MUST be worn at all times when you are riding a motorcycle even if you are riding at a slow speed. Pay attention to those riding around you. Full riding gear is always recommended for safety sake.

Q. Where can I stay if I decide to come to the Quarry Run?

  • Search for “Lodging near Hancock NY” using your favorite search engine. Camping is allowed at the firemens field. A small Camping fee may be charged, but it will be advertised.

Q. What do I do with my garbage?

  • Please pick up your trash. There are dumpsters located at the Firemans Field to dispose of your garbage if you do not want to take it with you.

Q. Do you cancel events because of the weather?

  • All of our events are held rain or shine, refunds are not given on pre-paid entries.

Q. I want to sign up online, can I get a refund if I change my mind?

  • We do not issue refunds for pre-paid entries.

Q. How do I get to your events?

  • Detailed directions are included on the individual event pages.

Q. I don’t want to participate in the event, can I just ride the trails?

  • The trails are only open to registered riders of the event. If you are caught riding on any of the trails without registering you will be forced to leave.

Q. I have a few free weekends, can I come up and ride the trails again?

  • Any land that we acquire for an event is only open for riding during that specific event. All of our land is privately owned and we do not have permission to ride anytime other than the event dates. If you return to ride any other times during the year we will not be allowed to have future events.

Q. Do I need a working headlight and tail light?

  • YES as per New York state law.

Q. Does my bike need to be registered and insured?

  • YES as per New York state law.

Q. Does the rider need to be 18 years or older?

  • YES! Emphatically YES. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Q. Do I need new tires?

  • You do not NEED new tires if you are skillful enough to find traction on slipperly bluestone slopes using worn-out tires. However, new tires are HIGHLY recommended.

Q. Why is a 2-day entry the only one available?

  • Unfortunately, there have been numerous riders who signed up for just one day but then rode both days. The 2-day-only entry solves this issue.