FAQ – Family Fun Ride

Frequently Asked Questions

Family Fun Ride

Q. Does my dirt bike need to be registered and insured?

Q. What are the age restrictions for riders?

  • Any rider under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian fill out and sign a minor release form before they can ride.
  • Visit this New York State web page for any other applicible age requirements: ATVs: Information for Owners and Operators.

Q. Are there any rules I need to follow at your events?

  • While at any of our events, please be respectful or the land and other people and their property. Helmets MUST be worn at all times when you are riding a motorcycle even if you are riding at a slow speed. Pay attention to those riding around you. When moving about in the parking area or riding to/from the trails please stay in first gear. Full riding gear is always recommended for safety sake.

Q. Is AMA membership required to ride your event?

  • The Family Fun Ride is an AMA sanctioned event. AMA membership is not required but we strongly urge everyone to become a member of the AMA. Sign up at the American Motorcyclist web page.

Q. I have a few free weekends, can I come up and ride on the property?

  • The Bear Creek property is only open to riding during our public events.

Q. I don’t want to participate in the event, can I just ride the trails?

  • Our trail system is only open during out public events. You are not allowed to ride in areas not clearly marked for the event.

Q. How do I get to your events?

  • Detailed directions are included on the individual event pages.

Q. Do you cancel events because of the weather?

  • All of our events are held rain or shine, refunds are not given on pre-paid entries.

Q. What do I do with my garbage?

  • Your garbage must be cleaned up and taken with you.

Q. Where can I stay if I decide to come to one of your events?

  • Search for “Lodging near Hancock NY” using your favorite search engine. Primitive Camping is available at the event location.

Q. You guys have a great motocross track. Can I ride the track during the Family Fun Ride or any other time of year?

  • The Motocross Track is closed during the Trail Ride.

Q. Can I ride my ATV (quad bike) during events?

  • Sorry but no, the Family Fun Ride is only open to 2-wheeled motorcycles. We please ask everyone to not ride their ATVs around the property during these events for safety reasons.