About Us

The Bear Creek Sportsmen are a select group of offroad recreation enthusiasts that have bonded together to promote and enjoy offroad motorcycling.

Our members have many years of experience promoting and competing in motorcycle events, as well as just being very good at having an enjoyable weekend with each other. We are active in Enduro, Hare Scramble, Dual Sport and Vintage events

Membership information

Reservoir Hill LLC is a landowner group formed with the intention of purchasing land in order to preserve the opportunity for off-road motorcycle recreation. We are a group of likeminded people in that we are aware of the shrinking availability of recreational land on the East coast. We currently own 1,000 acres in Hancock, NY. Many of our members have joined to enjoy time with their whole family in an outdoor environment.

We enjoy an extensive and ever expanding trail network catering to all ability levels, from first day on a motorcycle to the seasoned experts.

In order to ensure a good relationship with the Town of Hancock, and with the intention of becoming an asset to the community, we created The Bear Creek Sportsmen: A club made up of RHLLC members promoting a handful of yearly events, including the Famous Quarry Run, responsible for generating $40,000+ annually for the Hancock Fire Department and Chamber of Commerce.

If this sounds like something you would like to be involved with, Please email us.